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How to beat condensation in your classic this winter



Condensation at this time of year can cause a real problem for the classic car enthusiast. It is a familiar sight to see a fogged up car with the driver unable to see, this can be annoying, time consuming and dangerous

So how can you deal with the dreaded car condensation problem?

Step 1 – Try to reduce moisture
Damp clothes cause more moisture so try to take off any wet coats or hats and store them away for the journey. If your car mats get wet then take them inside to dry them out where possible before your next journey. 

Step 2 – Keep your car aired
Warm air cannot hold as much water vapour when it cools. In dry weather, try to open your windows or sunroof slightly as you drive, this will help the warm damp air to escape. Maybe you could leave a couple of  doors open before leaving your car as this will also help warm air to escape. A flow of fresh air into your car will help.

Step 3 – Make sure your interior windows are clean
Make sure you have a good quality glass cleaning cloth at hand in your car. This will help water droplets from forming so easily. Try to make sure that the cloth is not fluffy and use a specific glass cleaner containing Isopropyl Alcohol. Focus on cleaning one side of the window before tackling the other side.

Hopefully these little tips will help you get your car ready for the winter weather and save you time.

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