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Farewell Mike – No minor contribution!

Today we are saying an emotional farewell to our much loved moggy expert Mike Lennon, who retires today after many years of service with DMG, and many more years of friendship with David Manners.

Never one to be afraid to try something new and often experimenting on his own moggies, over the last 30 years Mike has developed the 5 Ford Speed Gearbox kit (now fitted to many Minors) telescopic boot stays, two speed wipers, the uprated Mini heater he hand built to order (never one to worry about getting his hands dirty) and many more, all to help the Minor keep up with modern motoring conditions.

We’d like to share a few words from David Manners, on his time working with Mike – “Well Mike, wonderful partner. Was it as good for you as it has been for me? It has been brilliant for us both. You did it, you made The Morris Minor Centre Birmingham the best in the world. You set it up, you learnt about the car and made it a lasting business. A partnership and friendship too.”

Kate Manners would like to add – “I have known Mike as long as I can remember from the days back at The Parade where they started and I can still remember the smell of the shop. It’s going to be very strange for me not to see his face anymore and I will miss him on a personal level as he was a part of my childhood as well as part of my working life.”

Mike’s dedication to Morris Minors and his wealth of hands on experience and knowledge will be greatly missed by us all at the Morris Minor Centre Birmingham and we hope you will join us in wishing him all the best for his retirement.

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