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DHL Worldwide Shipping Disruption 7th April 2020

Please the below list of shipping disruption from our overseas Shipping Partner.

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Please find below current status by country summary



·         Antigua: Lockdown until further notice.

·         Barbados, Curacao, and Tortola: Only allowed to clear and deliver medical supplies.

·         Cayman Island: Has been granted permission to re-open

·         Cuba: Service has been temporarily suspended.

·         Montserrat: Lockdown until April 14th

·         Puerto Rico: Pick-up and Delivery at DHL branch only up to 7pm. Also, Banks are open but restricted hours.

·         St. Lucia: Lockdown until further notice.

·         Venezuela: Service suspended until further notice

·         Bangladesh: The Ministry of Public Administration, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh declared General Holiday from 26th March –11th April, as a precautionary measure to prevent spread of COVID-19. All government and private organizations will remain closed and public transport services will remain suspended during this period. DHL operations are not impacted and will continue to operate.

·         China (Peoples Republic): DHL have resumed operations, except for Hubei province which remains suspended. 

·         India: DHL has resumed Pick-up and Delivery Service for document materials ONLY into the metro cities of Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai effective 2nd April 2020 (est. 400 zip codes). Document service outside of these zip codes will remain suspended until further notice. Documents meant for “Essential Service” companies like banks will be delivered as other companies are closed and not allowed to operate.

·         Lao Peoples Democratic Republic: 1st–10th April: DHL will be able to collect and deliver, upon request by contacting the local customer service team. 13th–17thApril: There will be no pickup or deliveries during this period, due to a nationwide lockdown.

·         Nepal: The government has decided to extend the nationwide lockdown until15th April mid-night, and this will include DHL Operations until further notice.

·         Pakistan: The Pakistan Government has extended the lock-down until 14th April 2020. DHL Express are allowed to continue with our Pick Up and Delivery Service.

·         Philippines (The): DHL continue to operate, however some remote areas may have limited service. 

·         Singapore: Singapore Government has announced a 1-month lockdown starting from 8th April 2020. However, DHL Express is considered an essential service provider and will therefore continue operating our pick-up and delivery services for our customers. 

·         Sri Lanka: Government has extendedthe curfew until at least 10thApril. DHL are able to operate pick up and deliver essential services (Medical and Banks).

·         Austria: Service has been suspended in the following areas: 5611 Grossarl, 5612 Huettschlag, 5630 Bad Hofgastein, 5632 Dorfgastein, 5640 & 5645 Bad Gastein, 6450 Soelden, 6452 Hochsoelden, 6456 Obergurgl, Hochgurgl, 6458 Vent, 6553 See, Paznaun, 6555 Kappl, 6561 Ischgl, 6562 Mathon, 6563 Galtuer, 6580 St. Anton am Arlberg, St. Christoph, 6762 Stuben, 6763 Zuers, 6764 Lech, 6767 Warth, 6888 Schroecken, 8972 Ramsauam Dachstein, 9844 Heiliigenblut, 5542 Flachau, 6710 Nenzig.

·         Germany: Service has been suspended due to a quarantine (COVID-19) for Jessen and Schweinizas parts of postcode 06917 until the 10th April. In addition no pre 9am delivery service available in Stuttgart (downgraded to pre 12 from 7th- 22nd April.

·         Greenland: Service has been suspended until further notice.

·         Italy: Service has been suspended in the following areas -Ariano Irpino (83031), Polla (84035), Sala Consilina (84036) , Atena Lucana (84030), Caggiano (84030), Auletta (84031), Medicina (40059), San Lucido (87038), Fondi (04022), Salemi (91018), Villafrati (90030), Agira (94011), Troina (94018), Montebello Ionico (89064), Rogliano (87054), Santo Stefano di Rogliano (87056), Cutro (88842), Fabrizia (89823), Melito Porto Salvo (89063), Chiaravalle centrale (88064), Cenadi (88067), Torre di ruggiero (88060), Vallefiorita (88050), Soverato (88068), Nerola (00017).

·         Norway : Pick-up and Delivery delays due to restrictions set by the Government. Potential postcodes impacted : 2448-2584, 7295-7387 and 8003-9990. 

·         Uzbekistan: Service has been suspended until further notice

·         Afghanistan: Pick up and deliveries, have been temporarily suspended. 

·         Iraq: Service suspended until further notice. 

·         Libya: Service suspended until further notice. 

·         Mauritania: Nouadhibou service centre is suspended until further notice. 

·         Oman: The local government has informed the police and army to block several areas within Muscat City, to prevent the spread of COVID 19. DHL has been issued with permits, which allows for pick ups and deliveries to service these areas 

·         Comoros: Service has been suspended until further notice.

·         Ghana: The Ghanaian Government has declared a Partial lockdown effective 29 March from Midnight until 12 April. Only “Essential Goods and Services” may be transported, delivered or picked up in Accra, Kumasi and Tema. 

·         Guinea-Bissau: Service has been suspended until further notice.

·         Mayotte : Service has been suspended until further notice.

·         Mauritius : Service has been suspended until further notice.

·         Sao Tome and Principe : Service has been suspended until further notice.

·         Seychelles: Service has been suspended until further notice.

·         Somalia: Service has been suspended until further notice.

·         Somaliland: Service has been suspended until further notice.

·         South Africa: The South African Government has declared a Nationwide lockdown effective from 26thMarch from midnight until 15thApril. Only “ Essential Goods and Services” is expected to be picked up and delivered. Due to this, services delays are expected to impact Southern African countries; Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Angola

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